Can I have videoconference?2020-11-20T13:13:45+01:00

Yes of course. Thanks to the low latency of our connections, it is possible to have videoconferences even with the 3 Megas connection without interruptions. For multiple simultaneous videoconferences, it is advisable to hire more speed to receive a clearer image.

Can I use video services like NETFLIX, HBO or similar?2020-11-20T13:06:02+01:00

Yes of course. The quality of our connections allows us to use applications such as Netflix, YouTube or similar without image cuts, although it is advisable to have a sufficient speed so that the resolution of the video is good. In WiMax connections we recommend having at least 7 megabytes contracted for optimal operation.

How long it takes the installation process at your place?2020-11-20T11:44:43+01:00

Usually it takes around 2 hours, but it may vary depending on each house or building.

For WiMax connections we need to study the best place where to fix the antenna. Then once the antenna is installed, we need to install a cable from the antenna to the place where you desire to have the router. Finally, we will set up the router.

For Optical Fiber connections, first step is to install a cable from the street to the router location. Then one the cable is fixed, we need to connect it and configure the router.

Can I have a faster connection than the standard offers?2020-11-20T11:48:47+01:00

Yes, it is possible, but for these cases it must be budgeted according to the needs of each client. If you have any special request, please contact us and we will study your case without any commitment.

Is it a requirement to have a phone line/cable?2020-11-20T12:19:38+01:00

No, you do not need to install or maintain your old phone line or cable. Through our connections we offer landlines as an option and without the need to do an independent installation, since the telephone will work through its Internet connection. One less cable and one less expense!

Does apply any minimum contract period for our services?2020-11-20T12:09:24+01:00

In fiber optic connections we do not require permanence.

In WiMax connections, permanence is avoidable if you assume the cost of installation. We have three options: without permanence, with 6 months or with 12 months of permanence. The cost of the installation depends on the permanence you choose.

For mobile or land line contracts we do not require permanence.

Do I need a phone line to have Internet?2020-11-20T12:24:15+01:00

No, our connections are independent of the old telephone network.

WiMax connections work with a small antenna that we will install in your home or business and it is totally independent from the telephone network. From this antenna comes a network cable that we introduce to the home and we can provide Internet and landline.

Fiber Optic connections connect to our own network. They also do not need to maintain the registration of any old telephone lines.

If I allready have a router, can I use it with your connection?2016-12-30T16:33:24+01:00

Normally, normals routers are compatible with our system. In this case, we can configure for you with our parameters. In other cases, we have a broad range of models and we can offer the best for your needs.

Which hardware device I need to use your connection?2020-06-08T14:41:23+02:00

Any device that can connect with a WIFI connection is compatible. We install the antenna and with a router all of your devices can connect to Internet.

How many devices can I connect at the same time?2020-11-20T12:48:56+01:00

If you have a WiFi router you can connect as many devices as you want to the WiFi network. The only limit is on the devices with cable connection, which will depend on the model of router you have. Routers typically allow to connect different devices by cable.

Can I play online games?2020-11-20T12:54:38+01:00

Yes, our Internet connection has very low latencies (PING), so it can be used for online games, however, most online games in multiplayer mode require a minimum of connection speed. We recommend having a minimum speed of 7 megabytes.

Does bad weather affect my connection?2020-11-20T13:34:36+01:00

Optic fiber connections are the most reliable connection system, they do not receive any type of interference from rain, wind or electrical storms.

WiMax antennas are not affected by bad atmospheric conditions (rain, wind, abnormal temperatures …) except in very extreme cases in which the maximum connection speed can momentarily drop a little.

There download limits like 3G / 4G connections?2020-06-08T14:42:15+02:00

No, our service don’t have download limitation. The limitation is the speed, not the amount of Internet that you uses. This is not like a 3G / 4G connection that when you have used the package of data, they limit you at a slow speed or you have to pay more to buy more Internet. With this system, there is no surprises at the end of the month.

Can I have Internet outside of my house?2020-06-08T14:42:22+02:00

Normally the houses don’t need to extend the signal. But if the house has large walls or is a big building or you want to amplify the coverage to a pool that it is far from the house, you can ask for an extension to this particular zones.

How is the payment?2016-12-30T16:09:00+01:00

The payments are paid by bank debit.

What are included in the installation?2020-06-08T14:42:39+02:00

The installation include the displacement of the technicians, the orientation of the antenna, the cable management outside and inside of the house and 20 meters of cable. In case that you have choose the router WIFI option or telephone, the installation and configuration of this devices are included too. Normally this take 2 hours.

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