Specific conditions of our Mobile Telephony:

Unlimited calls: all rates with unlimited calls allow the customer to make an unlimited number of national calls to landlines and mobiles, however, there is a limit of 3000 minutes for the iForavila10 and iForavila16 rates or 6000 minutes for the iForavila25 rate, in addition to a limit of 150 recipients per month on all rates.

€/min €/Stabl. SMS SMS international Keep connected
0,05 € IVA incl. 0,20 € IVA incl. 0,12 € IVA incl. 0,61 € IVA incl. 1 GB extra data transfer
at 16 kbps and/or posibility to contract an additional bonus.


GB of data transfer: the GB (Gigabites) of data volume contracted have a limit depending on each rate. Once the contracted GB bonus is exhausted, the customer can use 1 more GB at a lower speed at no additional cost. If this extra 1 GB at low speed is used up or the client does not want to avoid browsing at low speed, they can always contract an additional bonus with more GB at high speed.

You can see all call prices and national data, as well as bonuses and other information in this file:  PDF General pricing.

International calls: you can purchase a bonus for intentional calls. Otherwise, international calls always have a stablishment cost and a cost per minute. You can see the rates by downloading the file PDF International pricing.

Roaming: Calling from EEA countries of the European Union to other EEA countries is not considered roaming except in “situations of abuse of service” or if you exceed the consumption contracted with your rate. You can see the detailed information in the file PDF Roaming conditions.

Permanence: no type or duration of permanence is required for mobile phone contracts.

Specific conditions for Landline Telephony:

Cost of the service: The landline telephone service has a cost of € 5 + VAT per month.

National calls: in addition to a call cost per minute of 1 cent + VAT per minute to national landlines and 4.9 cents + VAT per minute to national mobile phones.

International calls: International calls have a different cost than national calls. You can download the file PDF Landline calls pricing (all countries and operators).